VC Mavericks

Ahmad Ammar

A seasoned professional with over 17 years of diverse experience across manufacturing sector, development sector, and university academia, Ahmad's passion lies at the intersection of business, technology, and sustainability. He is currently pursuing PhD in Operations Management at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) where his research focuses large-scale technological transitions, specifically within the mobility and energy sectors, driving sustainable sociotechnical change through innovative solutions. As a management consultant, Ahmad excels in reimagining workflows, enhancing efficiency, and fostering agility within and across business processes and value chains. His proficiency extends to machine learning modeling to unravel complex data landscapes and harness data-driven insights for strategic decision-making. With academic background in mechanical engineering and computer science from National University of Singapore (NUS) - Singapore, LUMS and University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore he is well-equipped to steer business and technological transformations for progressive firms. Ahmad has facilitated several technology-driven, immersive training sessions for management professionals. Hands-on practice and real-world scenarios are his forte