VC Mavericks

Mustafa Hanan Mehboob

Mustafa Hanan comes with a rich, multidimensional experience in corporate management and training, spanning over 10 years. A Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), Mustafa has held portfolios where his specialized supply chain management skills brought massive functional area turnarounds and productivity enhancements to firms in a competitive Pakistani business landscape. His core competence in logistics planning and warehouse management coupled with his insightful handling of human resources, team building and leadership qualities render him an excellent choice for objective training in a wide range of areas. From inventory management to distribution management and overall supply chain management in the retail sector, he brings a wealth of corporate experience, reinforcing his skills to impact and connect with audiences as a management trainer.

"My vision for a sustainable, competitive supply chain is rooted in the creation of a network of resilient, agile, and customer-centric entities, seamlessly integrated to create value for all stakeholders. This vision is not easy to achieve. It requires constant learning, experimentation, and investing in people skills such as communication, problem solving and leadership. It requires fostering a culture of innovation that encourages risk taking, building trust and relationships with internal and external stakeholders that support each other’s success." - Mustafa Hanan